Ivo Strandjev, Director of ML

Ivaylo (Ivo) Strandjev has been at Hyperscience since 2016. In addition to being involved with virtually every project in the company, he’s generally the first to welcome new hires, wish you a happy birthday or celebrate your hyperversary…


Our Best Practices on WFH

Make a schedule, get moving, opt for video calls where possible, and remember to take breaks. What’s working for you?


Document Imperfections Back Offices Hate

Insurers know that behind every document that moves through their organization, there is a customer with pressing needs. While they might want to respond to their inquiries or resolve their issue quickly, and ultimately provide the customer with a positive experience, it’s important to consider the difficulties back offices face…


Maintaining Culture at Hyperscience

At Hyperscience, we focus on flexibility to accommodate the real-world needs of each employee. Never has this been more true than right now as our entire workforce is remote. We recognize the challenges of shifting the workplace to the home, as well as the importance of creating even more opportunities…

Industry Insights

What to Look For in an IDP Solution

How do you get started, much less successfully select the right IDP solution for your organization? We're here to help!